Yayoi Kusama profiled.

Beautiful photos of Forest Haven, an abandonded Child Care Center.


You’ve probably heard about the text2speech is a copyright infrigement disaster. Will Wheaton made the test.

Reading suggestions for Women’s History Month.

Overqualified sounds like a book made for me – the job searching HR student. :)

The Crooked Letter – free download.

Salman Rushdie on adaptations.


You can download Jim Munroe’s graphic novel Therefore Repent for free:

What if the religious right… are actually right?

Without warning, multitudes of Christians float bodily up into the sky.

For the immoral majority, life goes on pretty much as usual.

Except that after the Rapture, magic works — for those willing to risk demonic mutations.

And an angelic army appears to have been deployed to mop up the sinners.

But through it all, outsiders Raven and Mummy face the possibility of a bigger problem than the end of the world: the end of their relationship.

Pride and Prejudice the Comic.

Interview with Alan Moore.


*puts on bewilderd face* After Ridley Scott’s Monopoly, now Gore Verbinski’s Clue? Michel Gondry to direct Seth Rogen’s The Green Hornet, with Stephen Chow as Kato?

The Guardian applies the Mo Movie Measure to Sight and Sound’s all-time top 10 films.

100 Essential Female Film Performances – thanks to deadra for the link!

Comic movie adaptations to be expected.


D’oh! How stupid… wait, don’t answer that.

Sex education in Texas is scary.

Christian Boot Camps are abusive? You don’t say!

Completely Different Things


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