A Girl’s Guide To Vampires (Katie MacAlister)

A Girl’s Guide To Vampires is the first book in Katie MacAlister‘s The Dark Ones Series. It’s a romantic paranormal comedy.

Joy and her friend Roxy go to the Czech Republic to find Dark Ones, vulgo vampires. Or at least that’s what Roxy wants, who is completely addicted to the book series by C. J. Dante about them. Joy, sceptical of all things paranormal, is just along for the ride. But soon they stumble into some mysteries, most surrounding Raphael, who makes Joy’s knees weak. Are there really vampires or are they all fake? And what’s going on at the Vampire/Goth fair?

A Girl’s Guide To Vampires had me laughing out loud on several occasions. It’s light hearted fun and I really enjoyed it.


It’s a charming book, mostly due to its heroine Joy. She’s a great character, intelligent, warm, her own woman and full of snark. Her voice is original and just really, really funny. I was actually thankful that I read the book at home on my computer, because going anywhere with it would have people staring at me like a lunatic, laughing out loud till I had tears in my eyes.

And Roxy is awesome, in a nerv-wrecking way. The two really are a dream team.

The story might not be the most innovative and MacAlister’s writing is not the best – while it makes for a fluent read, there are the occasional bookbitching worthy blunders, but it’s all counterbalanced by MacAlisters awareness of the well explored path she’s going. That allows her to make fun, also of herself.

The only thing I could have done without was the whole witchcraft and rune reading. But it didn’t bother me much.

Apart from that, it was really great entertainment.

8 thoughts on “A Girl’s Guide To Vampires (Katie MacAlister)

  1. I’ve read this. As you say, McAllister’s writing style isn’t always the best – a bit cumbersome at times. On the whole, though, it’s a decent read and the plot is good. I’d have to disagree with you regarding your criticism of the witchcraft and runes, I thought that added to the story, but that’s probably subjective. I am into wicker myself, so that would bias me sometime.

    Good review though, on the whole
    Barry Rogers

  2. What’s wrong with witchcraft and rune readings? Given that you don’t mind vampires, I mean. :)
    And if it doesn’t have DRM or anything…send?

  3. @Barry and @ramblingperfectionist:
    I don’t mind the witch craft per se, I just don’t think that – like you said, Barry – it added to the story.

    Anyway, it was not a big thing and not really a problem. Nothing that made me enjoy the book less, in any case.

    @Barry: Thanks. :)

    @ramblingperfectionist: wrote mail.

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