Top 10: Actors I’d Watch In Anything

After last week’s Actresses I’d Watch In Anything, here’s the promised follow-up with actors.

Now, I have to admit that sex appeal is also a factor in this little list. What can I say? I’m a heterosexual woman, I can’t turn my libido just off (though that would be helpful sometimes). Anyways, no matter how sexy, I do think that all of the guys mentioned here are talented as well.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio, Leonardo

Leonardo DiCaprio is not on this list because probably about every woman my age had a crush on him at some time (though I can honestly exclude myself from this category), but he’s here because he’s an absolutely amazing actor. He always adds something special to the role and is best when the director doesn’t rely on his boyish charm. And he has very good taste.

9. Benicio Del Toro

Director's Guild

Benicio Del Toro disappears regularly for two years but when he comes back, he always has awesome movies to show for his absence. His performances are really exceptional and I can’t wait to see his Che and his Wolf Man.

8. Gary Oldman


Gary Oldman has an amazing range – he has done pretty much everything at some point already. And still, he keeps on turning up in the stuff I’d actually also like without him being there and makes it so much better (see Friends, see Batman, see Dracula, see Harry Potter, see… you get the picture, right?). And he’s a really, and I mean REALLY good actor. Actually, he really doesn’t act anymore, he just becomes his characters. And that is awe-inspiring.

7. Adrien Brody


Like probably most people, I first saw Adrien Brody in The Pianist and was very impressed. But then I saw Love the Hard Way and immediately became a HUGE fan. Because of him, I watched all of The Village. I really don’t know why he isn’t a big star yet though it might be to do with his indie film choices that only prove that he knows what he’s doing.

6. Johnny Depp


Although I’m probably the only woman on earth who isn’t attracted to Johnny Depp, I do like and respect his talent and his career and his movies. Apart from the things he does with Tim Burton – and please, let them never fight, because they make an awesome team – there’s Dead Man, one of my most favouritest movies ever, there’s Jack Sparrow, and so much more. He might consider staying away from horror movies, though, because they frequently don’t work out as he planned, I think. Still, I watched them.

5. Daniel Day-Lewis


Daniel Day-Lewis is a fucking phenomenon. Give him the smallest role in any given film (not that he’d take small roles, but you know) and he’d completely take over. Steal everybody’s limelight and make it all about his character because he’s just that good. You really can’t compete with him. And he made There Will Be Blood bearable, which is pretty amazing in itself.

4. Philipp Seymour Hoffman


Philipp Seymour Hoffman… did I tell you that I spent € 60,- to see him perform as Iago? I think there’s no explanation needed why I did that.
Anyway, he did some movies that made me scratch my head (Along Came Polly? Seriously?), but I still watched it. Because no matter how bad the movie is, he still gives a wholehearted performance. That’s professional.

3. Ewan McGregor


It’s funny. A third of Ewan McGregor’s movies are absolute crap. Still, I see his name on a movie poster and I want to see it right away. [Which means that I will see Angels & Demons. Le sigh.] That’s because the movies that aren’t absolutely crap, are really, really very good. It seems that he can’t do mediocre. And that’s fine by me. Plus, he’s just adorable. If nothing else, I have no problem with watching his face for two hours. [And it’s also nice that he has no problem with nudity at all. It’s more like you have to pay him to keep his pants on.]
[Actually, there are only two movies that not even Ewan McGregor can make me watch – and that’s Star Wars Episode II and Episode III. Because absolutely nothing that can save them if Episode I is any indication.]

2. Edward Norton


Edward Norton is perfect. He’s intelligent, he’s good-looking and he’s really good at what he does. There are only a few movies he did that really sucked and we’re not talking about those. Even behind the camera, he’s good – Keeping the Faith could have been a disaster, but it wasn’t. The only thing that I have to critisise is that he makes too few movies. Why aren’t there more films with him?

1. Christian Bale


Christian Bale’s number one position on this list might be slightly biased because I totally have the hots for His Gorgeousness. But even when he isn’t gorgeous, he’s still brilliant. (See The Machinist.) And he’s freakin’ Batman. But anyway, he’s the only guy that makes me watch other movies in preparation for his. I mean, I’ve never seen an entire Terminator movie and didn’t plan on doing so, but now I think I will have to sit through six hours Arnie to be able to really appreciate Terminator Salvation. Only for His Majesty of HAWT.

9 thoughts on “Top 10: Actors I’d Watch In Anything

  1. I love lists when other people are doing them. And when they’re about wonderful men.

    My $0,02:
    My ranking would be different, and I’d kick off Leo, Adrien Brody and Daniel Day-Lewis. Not because they aren’t good enough, or anything (they are, oh, how they are…), but because I’ve deliberately *not* watched quite a lot of stuff they were in. I wouldn’t watch them “in anything”. You’d have to pay me and strap me down in the chair to make me sit through “Gangs of New York”, for example.
    So I’d substitute Gabriel Byrne (I watched “Ghost Ship”…and “6th Day”!!!), John Malkovich, and Jeremy Irons (“D&D”…though I might never forgive him). It is no coincidence that this makes “Man In The Iron Mask” one of my top-watchable films. That one is my guilty pleasure.

    • I understand your point about Leo, Adrien and Daniel. I missed some of their movies, but never deliberately. Sometimes it’s just hard to combine my life and movies. ;)

      Anyways, Gabriel Byrne, John Malkovich and Jeremy Irons are really good as well, but I would have never seen D&D if it wasn’t for you. And I still don’t think that I’m missing much when I don’t watch Ghost Ship or the 6th Day. So, I guess that my list is good for me and yours is good for you. :)

      Anyway, Man in the Iron Mask is awesome. It’s also incredibly crappy, but definitely more awesome than that.

    • No, I’m like 90% sure that it was D&D. [If JI wasn’t so obsessed with crappy Dragon movies, this would be a whole lot easier…] It’s the one with the ridiculous ending on the tower. [But hey, at least it has a showdown, not like Eragon…] I think we rented it last year or so.

  2. We did? I must have erased that from my memory.
    But yeah, it *is* the one with the ridiculous ending on the tower.

    Renting it as part of a JI-Dragon-Double Feature sounds like something we would do, though ^_^

  3. Yep, your top three – my top three, although I wouldn’t know in which order I’d list them. And I would add Heath Ledger to that foursome. And Jake Gyllenhaal.

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