Books and Other Reading

I’m very tempted to subscribe. Very, very tempted.


Baz Luhrman’s Australia: The Condensed Version.

Movie Mistakes.

A sequel to Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Interview with Robert Pattinson which is amazing in its mixture of ironical distance, compassion and fandom on the interviewer’s side, is filed under “Horror” on the Guardian blog and ends with:

And he laughs hysterically as he creates another shape with his hair.


Solitary Confinement is torture? You don’t say…

Viacom uses copyright to censor racism protest.

Completely Different Things

Warner Music sends Lawrence Lessig a bogus takedown notice. Ha! Ha! Hahaha!


The Regret Index… If you feel like regretting something and don’t know what.

8 thoughts on “Links

    • The regret list is great.

      I thought Ruby really sweet – and it’s not to be expected that we gain enormous insight by a seven year old, but it’s great that also kids can actively participate in the discussion.
      And I thought that Amy did very well with Ruby.

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