Catcher in the Rye got a sequel. Unauthorised, of course.

The Worst Review Ever.


First posters for Public Enemies released.

Toward a Grand Unified Theory of Schwarzenegger.

Terry Gilliam to pick up the Man Who Killed Don Quixote?

We Love You So – a blog on the influences on Where the Wild Things Are (the movie). [And Terrible Yellow Eyes a tribute blog to WtWTA.]

Star Drek.

Another Hannibal movie? Let it go already. We’ve heard every single story about this guy there is. Probably. Anyway, looks like Cate Blanchett will be in it, so I guess I’ll have to see it.

George Kirk = Thor.

Politics & News

Blind man dragged off plane, accused of faking his blindness.

Zombie Feminism. *lmao*

Atheists not fully human? That’s a new one.


Dollhouse is renewed! (As are Fringe and Lie to Me.) WAHOO!

Completely Different Things

Fuck My Life: Where people share stories about how their lives suck. Mostly depressing, but also interesting. Sometimes also a little funny.

twittertaken from here

The Memory Palace: Podcasts with stories that history almost buried.

taken from here

May is Masturbation Month!

Rules for Time Travelers.


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