The Ages of Your Religious Transformation – Meme Monday

Got this from here.

Highlight the important parts of your religious development, grouping it by age.

Age 0:
My parents decide that it wasn’t necessary to baptise me.

Age 5:
We moved from the big city to a small, very catholic village where we stood out like a sore thumb. A lot of hostility because of a lot of things, but mostly because we weren’t good catholics. Or no catholics at all, in my case. Things didn’t bode well for me and catolicism.

Age 5-14:
Things pretty much stayed the same: While I was fascinated with the stories from the bible, they were stories to me, not factual accounts and stood on their own – entirely separated from the church in my head. Church became a no-go more and more.

Age 15-16:
I wanted to find the church for me. I still believed that there was something out there, some higher power, even if I refused to think about it as “god” or picture a man with a white beard.  Dabbled in Buddhism a bit, but never really seriously.

Age 17:
Short spiritual phase, mostly lived by reading Paulo Coelho. I lived in Brasil at the time with a very religious (baptist) host sister. My aversion against churches grew after I was laughed at by her and her friends for saying that I “believed” in evolution.

Age 18:
After spending a long time evading the question of what I believed (if someone asked, I’d usually say “science”) by settling that there’s no church for me and that I didn’t see any higher power in the day-to-day life anyway and that the only place left for god in my world was before the Big Bang, I had an epiphany: I just didn’t believe in god. It really was this one moment, I remember it perfectly, where I just thought: “Actually, I really don’t think that there’s anything out there.” And suddenly, it was like a weight fell off my shoulders and I knew that this was something I really and wholeheartedly believed to be true.
Then I just had to spend another 9 months in Africa, where the missionairies screwed people up so bad that they couldn’t accept that on the one hand, they couldn’t convert me and that on the other hand, I didn’t want to convert them, either.

After that, my atheism was bullet proof.


4 thoughts on “The Ages of Your Religious Transformation – Meme Monday

  1. Huh, interesting. Religion in my home state is a lot more like the anglican version i.e. predominantly social.(Or at least, it was until the pentecostals/evangelicals started their experiments in mass hysteria.) Which means no one would really laugh at you for believing in evolution or anything :) . The misionary thing must have been awful.

    • You get used to the missionary things. Almost, at least. After a while, it’s just tiring.

      I can understand that churches and religion serve a social purpose, and I think that that’s a very positive trait. Unfortunately, I usually came in closer contact with churches who thought it paramount to their society that they exclude me. Or force me into assimilation. ;)

  2. Viele der einzelnen Fakten über dich waren mir bekannt. Aber in der Form aufgelistet stellt es einen Zusammenhang her, der sehr viel aussagt. Schön, das gelesen zu haben.

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