Tintenblut [Inkspell] (Cornelia Funke)

Inkspell is the second book in the Inkworld Trilogy by Cornelia Funke. (Review of the first book here, review of the movie adaptation of the first book here.)

[Please be aware that the plot basically starts where Inkheart left off, so you will read spoilers for Inkheart if you read on.]

Meggie lives with both her parents, her aunt Elinor and Darius in Elinor’s house. Resa still has no voice, but she tells Meggie about the Inkworld with her hands as often as she cans.
In the meantime moves Farid with Dustfinger around. They have a copy of Inkheart and are looking for someone who can finally bring Dustfinger home. They seem to find that person in Orpheus. He does read Dustfinger back, but he cheats on him and leaves Farid in our world.
Farid goes to Meggie for help and together they enter the Inkworld, followed by Mo, Resa, Mortola and Basta.

Inkspell, like Inkheart, is an exciting romp, and the proof that thought experiments can be really entertaining. The characters are great, the story is exciting and the world is interesting. Sometimes it gets a bit long, though.


[SPOILERS for Inkspell and Inkheart]

I loved that we got a closer look at Dustfinger, his background and his family in this book. Dustfinger is one of my favourite characters of all times and I could read only about him. And Roxanne is really cool.

I also liked how Fenoglio’s changes worked out (or basically that they didn’t work out). And how Mo starts to fill the role Fenoglio based on him.

And, oh, the character development! Funke obviously knows what she’s doing with that in general.

Meggie and Farid’s love story is really sweet and captures that first time in love feeling perfectly in my opinion.

The ending broke my heart, though. I so hope that Dustfinger won’t stay dead. Or better, I’m convinced that Dustfinger won’t stay dead because he simply can’t. The way Roxanne treats Farid is heart-wrenching but Funke obviously knows grief and can apply that knowledge.

I’m looking forward to reading Inkdeath. I don’t want to start it right away, so it will last a little longer but I’m pretty sure that I won’t be able to resist for long.

6 thoughts on “Tintenblut [Inkspell] (Cornelia Funke)

      • “as often as she cans”…”but he cheats on him”…

        I just got the impression that it’s a little less coherent than your usual work, that’s all.

        But I didn’t mean to nag…delete the comment if you like :)

          • You’re entitled to a not-so-great day.

            Especially on the day when you didn’t get to meet C.
            He says hello, btw. And he sends a hug. And a “Merry Christmas!”.

            And the ice-cream was divine.

          • We’ll talk tomorrow (I’m afraid I wouldn’t be very coherent now, either) and you’ll tell me all about C, k?

            I miss this guy.

            And I miss sleep. I can’t remember the day when I wasn’t tired to the bone anymore. Maybe I should see a doctor and get back on medication. *le sigh*

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