An old thread on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books with favourite pieces of dialogue from (mostly) romance novels.

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making – a novel posted in chapters (also as audio).

Oh, for fuck’s sake! [This sounds like a book made for bookbitching…]

If China Mièville really blogged, I’d so totally be a squealing fan-girl… but will have to do with this guest post in the meantime: Leave an Idea, Take an Idea. oooh, and here’s another one where he wrote a bit.

This is what would happen if Bella wasn’t just a cardboard cutout of a character.


Top 10 worst musical movie moments.

You probably know this trailer for the Shining,

but did you know about Scary Mary?

Or Zombie Westside Story?

Aaaaaawwwww…. *sniff*

Burton’s Alice in Wonderland gets more pictures. And Dorian Gray gets its first.

Rambo remade. By one guy. In his flat. Completely.


You’d think that the world was better than this

On Rape in South Africa.


Completely missing the point of “Intent doesn’t matter.”


Doctor Who, Overthought. [And a new photo for the season finale.]

30 Rock = Muppets? (via liberrydwarf)

Completely Different Things

Something to play with.

Magic 8 Ball Meets Learning Machine.

Atlas Obscura – wondrous, curious locations around the world.

Video of People Watching Porn.

Funny Exams. [This is especially WOW!]

6 thoughts on “Links

  1. hej :)

    also buffy vs. edward ist so großartig (eigentlicher ursprungslink:, am besten ist: “you’re my own personal brand of heroin”
    “omg what are you, 12?” :D

    oh und die recut sachen sind super, empfehlenswert auch:
    shining- eine komoedie

    the ring- romantic

    und oh mann, ich seh grad wieviele neue recuts auf youtube es schon gibt.. cool. die muss ich jetzt alle schaun :)

    • Ich steh auf die Recuts. Sie sind echt cool. Die beiden, die du gepostet hast, kannte ich schon, aber es schadet nicht, sie wiederzusehen. :)

      Buffy vs Edward ist genial. Du musst dir echt mal Buffy die Serie anschauen.

  2. aaww, poor edward! lol
    even though i haven’t seen much of buffy (but seriously think i should!) the buffy vs. edward-remix is hilarious!
    and the “horror movie”-trailers are awesome! shows you just how much music and editing will do to a movie!
    also the “for fuck’s sake”-cover is a piece of art!
    and what’s up with dorian gray not being blonde?!? again!!1
    ok, that’s all my comments, at least for today. ;)

  3. Yeah, you have to see Buffy. (I’m just rewatching Angel, it’s great, too…)

    Oh yes, music and editing are really important.

    The original cover is a piece of art, the second cover is art embodied.

    I don’t know why they didn’t give Ben Barnes a blond wig or dyed his hair. It’s weird.

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