Questions About the Blogger – Meme Monday

1. Do you try to look hot when you go to the grocery store just in case someone recognizes you from your blog?

Hell no! First of all – I have exactly two photos of me on this site, and I daresay nobody checks the about page anyway. [If you want to see the other one, you’ll have to search for it… ;)] So, the chances that anybody would recognise me are rather slim. Second of all – I don’t blog because I’m beautiful and I don’t blog for making people think of me as beautiful. Third of all – why should I care how I look like when I go to the grocery store?

2. Are the photos you post Photoshopped or otherwise altered?

Not by me. Most of the photos on here, I steal. They were probably tampered with – but I lack the motivation and the knowledge to do that.

3. Do you like it when creeps or dorks email you?

Nobody writes me fanmail. Or unfanmail. I probably wouldn’t like the creepy ones, but the dorky ones? Sure, bring it on.

4. Do you lie in your blog?

No. Why bother? I can decide what I want to say and what not. Why should I lie?

5. Are you passive-aggressive in your blog?

When I’m aggressive, I’m really active about it.

6. Do you ever threaten to quit writing so people will tell you not to stop?

No. I blog for myself and not because I want the attention.

7. Are you in therapy? If not, should you be? If so, is it helping?

I was. It didn’t help a whole lot, but it wasn’t bad either. I probably should be in therapy again, but I can’t be bothered right now.

8. Do you delete mean comments? Do you fake nice ones?

No and no. I do delete incomprehensible comments though. And comments that only exist to be stupid. And spam.

9. Have you ever rubbed one out while reading a blog? How about after?

Rubbed one out? That one’s new for me.

No, not while reading. After reading – yes, but not because of the blog reading.

10. If your readers knew you in person, would they like you more or like you less?

That’s up to my readers. But I do think that I’m much like my blogging self in real life.

11. Do you have a job?

Not anymore.

12. If someone offered you a decent salary to blog full-time without restrictions, would you do it?

Oh my… that would be living the dream…

13. Which blogger do you want to meet in real life?

There are many bloggers I like to meet – especially the ones I have a lot of contact with online.

14. Which bloggers have you made out with?

I don’t think I ever made out with another blogger. *gasp*

15. Do you usually act like you have more money or less money than you really have?

I usually spend more money than I have. Because there’s just so many things I need to have. Like books and visits to the cinema and DVDs and stuff… but I don’t think that I act like I have shitloads of money. I just spend it.

16. Does your family read your blog?

My sister does sometimes (btw, still waiting for that comment). But my family really isn’t that into blogging at all.

17. How old is your blog?

Two and a half years.

18. Do you get more than 1000 page views per day? Do you care?

I get about 500 views a day. Which continues to amaze me. And I love my blogstats.

19. Do you have another secret blog in which you write about being depressed, slutty, or a liar?

No. Though the thought has crossed my mind.

20. Have you ever given another blogger money for his/her writing?

I do click on ads sometimes just for that reason. But no, I didn’t.

21. Do you report the money you earn from your blog on your taxes?

What money?

22. Is blogging narcissistic?

Not necessarily.

23. Do you feel guilty when you don’t post for a long time?

Not really guilty, but bad. It’s a personal need of mine to blog.

24. Do you like John Mayer?


25. Do you have enemies?

No pronounced ones. I don’t think of anyone as my enemy, but if somebody thinks of me like that – I wouldn’t know.

26. Are you lonely?


27. Why bother?


To keep track.
To share things.
To find things.
To entertain.
To be entertained.
To stay in touch.
To collect.
To learn.
To write.
To have fun.

Honestly, for me, there are more reasons to blog than not to blog.

2 thoughts on “Questions About the Blogger – Meme Monday

  1. I expected more insight to you as a blogging person. I guess I just know the real person too well for blogging-person insights….

    cya (hopefully on the weekend 10-12)

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