The Human Genre Project.

The 50 best summer reads.


You can watch a documentary about Michael Jackson fans online for free.

Hi. My name is Dan. I’m a novelist and filmmaker. You’re going to wonder how that’s possible after spending some time on this blog. See, when I was growing up in Iowa, I made movies with my friends. Many of them were remakes of movies I liked, like Misery or The Godfather. Others were originals, with catchy titles like The Bastard Chicken Clock from Hell and Dirt 2. But all of them were awful. And now, to lead up to the publication of my new book, The Monster Variations, I’m blogging my old movies chronologically for your enjoyment. So come with me, won’t you? Let’s feel the pain together.




Sexy and the Gender Binary.

Hell just froze over: I seem to be agreeing with the pope.

Completely Different Things

Fancy Fast Food.


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