Out of the Shadow

Out of the Shadow is an Austrian dance production by Hip Hop/Breakdance group Nobulus.

[Yes, it has one.] Out of the Shadow shows us the Human evolution, from cave men to modern society. It covers such big topics as love and violence, conformity, pollution, freedom etc etc. It’s a Hip Hop dance perfomrance but set to a classical soundtrack and framed by a narrative poem which tells us the story.

It really was a perfect show – funny, thoughtful and beautiful to look at. My only complaints are of organisational nature. Definitely recommended, if you get a chance to catch it, do so!


The soundtrack was amazing. I would have never thought of making a Hip Hop choreography to the Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Yann Tiersen, Johann Strauss or Clint Mansell. And surprisingly, it fit really well.

The dancers were great. I mean, I’m no specialist, but I couldn’t see one single fault or flaw in their performance and the choregraphy itself was damn good. It went about with a lot of humour and it seemed like the dancers had their fun as well.

The poem was nice as well. They could a pretty good reader for it [unfortunately, I neither know who’s written nor who’s read the poem] and as it was interrupted by the dancing, it never got too long.

The only thing I have to complain about was the setting. Out of the Shadow was made to see in a theatre, we saw it in a concert hall (for pop concerts) – meaning there was nowhere to sit and they kept us waiting for an hour before the thing actually started. That was kind of annoying and pretty unnecessary.

You can watch a short version of it here:


  1. I wanted to see this show, but b was in the UK that weekend, and I didn’t want to go alone. It didn’t occur to me that this could be something you’d care to watch, otherwise I’d have asked you… Really stupid of me. But I’m so used to everyone despising hip hop, that I honestly didn’t even think about asking anyone apart from b. But in hindsight, it would have been the most obvious thing to call you…
    How did you hear about that show?
    Besides, it’s still unusual to me that they call themselves “Nobulus” now, even though they’ve been using that name for almost two years. I still refer to them as “Moving Shadows”.
    And yes, they are incredibly good. No surprise that you couldn’t spot any mistakes.
    Hopefully they’ll show “Out of the Shadow” in Vienna again someday.

    • If I had known I would have called you and asked if you wanted to come. But I was sure that if you wanted to see it, you would have bought tickets ages ago – and we only decided in the morning that we wanted to see it.

      I heard about it via goTV, where they had pretty extensive marketing (they have this segment where the Wiener Linien introduces shows and tells you how to get there with public transportation).

      Well, you can say that you’re a fan from the first hour – I had no idea about their pre-Out of the Shadow history, neither as Nobulus nor as Moving Shadows.

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