Today, it might get a little Harry Pottery. Be Warned.


Interview with Shaun Tan.


The most awesomly bad SFF Cover in the world.

While I’m not sure I’ll read it, the book trailer is awesome:

Things you can do with books that don’t include reading.

Twilight tattoos… oh my…

Top 10 Geeky Things You Don’t Know About Romance Writers.

Now this sounds like a crime novel (and novelist) even I’d like to read. Plus:

Well, I say, I’ve just read all the cuttings and I’m tired of hearing about this Glasgow crime writer who’s always down-to-earth, feisty, funny, nice, and all the rest of it. She smiles, signs the book, and slides it back.

“To David,” it says. “F*** YOU! Denise Mina.”

Stuff you never think about: The poor people named Harry Potter.


Women in Fantasy Art: there’s some really interesting stuff there, especially drawings of men in the poses women get usually drawn in in comics.


If you haven’t yet, go watch the trailer for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

More Ironman 2 photos.

Just listen to the fangirls scram. Literally:


Mariachi Band Cover Songs.


On Rape and Men.

On Writing About Yourself or: what she said. Though I didn’t learn the hard way, like she did, I too learned that lesson.

In case you somehow missed the discussion: Justine Larbalestier on the cover of her book Liar and why it’s a problem that the girl on it is white. [John Green has some interesting things to say about this as well.]

Goes into a corner to cry silently. And then loudly.

An abortion clinic’s escort’s blog.

International vs. American News Covers.

Completely Different Things

Probably my new daily oracle:

Just hit refresh. And again. And again.
Just hit refresh. And again. And again.

Threadcake Competition. Threadless  Shirt Design, beautiful cake.

Luke Surl Comics. Good stuff.

Craftastrophe – because handmade isn’t always pretty.


  1. Oh Quirk Classics, you owe me both a new keyboard and a new chair, that was too too hilarious!

    Here in Australia we’ve got a late-night news reporter called Harry Potter. The universe (and his station manager) obviously hate him, because who’d they send to report on the Half-Blood Prince premier? I kid you not…

    • Add to that the (still prevalent) notion that when a woman says “no”, she doesn’t actually mean it, she just says that so she won’t appear to be a slut and you make it pretty impossible for women to say no at all.

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