I accidentally hit publish without prescheduling the post on Saturday, so if you had a part of this post in your reader, you might know some of the links already. Some are brand new, though. ;)


Justine Larbalestier’s Liar cover changed from white girl to black girl.

Analysis of things used on fantasy covers (including handy chart).

How to Speed Read.

Hugo Awards Winners announced.

Gaiman reads Doctorow.

Where I Write: Fantasy and Science Fiction Authors in Their Creative Spaces. [If I ever get my own writing space, it’d probably look like Piers Anthony’s, except with a little more colour. Whether that’s reflected in my writing style, I don’t know. ;)]


Download Bradley Denton’s Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede for free. [I haven’t read it yet but it sounds awesome.]


A new Diary of Anne Frank movie by David Mamet.

I love the youtube lego animations like the next person but a movie about lego? Puh-lease.

Bryan Singer to do Battlestar Galactica movie.

The ugly truth about The Ugly Truth. [My advice: skip the comments. They mostly aren’t even good enough to get angry about.]



Ten Things We Don’t Understand About Humans.


deadra wonders about intelligence in Eureka.

30 Rock and Race.

Completely Different Things


Guerilla Gardens – love the concept!

Photo Crashing Squirrel:


6 thoughts on “Links

  1. Thought something funny was going on… :)

    I’d dearly love to have Joe Haldeman’s studio, but I think the candle fumes would end up giving me a migraine, or at least leave me smelling like paraffin. Highly suspect mine would be most like Tom Purdom’s. My dad’s, I know, is like Samuel R. “Chip” Delaney. Come to think of it, physically my dad and Chip Delaney could be twins. Never seen them in the same room together…

    • danke, danke für die Sorge, aber ist nicht notwendig. Keine Arbeit heißt bei mir auch gleichzeitig auch kein Zeitgefühl und weniger Zeit vor dem Computer, während ich nichts zu tun habe. Das ist eigentlich alles was dahinter steckt. Ich verspreche Besserung.

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