Book Evaluation vs. Self-Evaluation.

Take a look at Neil Gaiman’s Bookshelves (and believe me, it’s worth it).

Stephen Fry on the Process of Writing.

Roddy Doyle on Writing Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha.

PTSD in Fiction: Part 1 and Part 2.

Philip Pullman to publish new book – about Jesus.


After Disney bought Marvel, here are some Disney/Marvel Mash-Ups. And here’s more.


I still don’t know what to think about that one:

Charlie and the Drug Factory.

Inglorious Basterds and the Nice Guy(TM).


The Best Muppet Show Beatles Covers.


Innocent people admit guilt when confronted with tinkered video evidence.



Gatefail: on Stargate, SciFi, Race, Feminism etc etc. [Btw, is -fail the new -gate?]

Completely Different Things

Eternal Earth-Bound Pets, USA: atheists who will take care of your pets when the rapture comes and takes you away.

Dramatic reading of a real break-up letter (warning, starts to play itself and doesn’t stop).

The longest poem in the world, made up entirely from tweets. [Like “you said forever and always…. / Haircuts and laundry, fuck sundays……”]


11 thoughts on “Links

  1. Stuff is different now and I won’t have time to go to Vienna as planned.
    Also, I can’t find my mobile (your number is in the mobile’s harddrive). Otherwise I would have called earlier.

    Jeez this sucks.
    But I really hope to see you on the 26th of September.

      • You beat me to it – I was totally going to post that trailer this week! (rasberry at you, I’ll probably do it anyway…)

        That aside, looks fantastic. Blonde would have been good, yes. But if you were going to get Hayden Christensen to do it you may as well have got a cardboard cutout to put in every scene, it would have had exactly the same effect…

        • You have my permission to post it as well. ;)

          Though I’m not totally convinced of Ben Barnes’ acting talent and though I think that Hayden Christensen did a fine job in “Life as a House” I have to agree – though HC maybe has the Dorian Gray looks more than BB, we know that he can’t carry an entire film.

  2. They could have dyed Barnes’ hair, Dorian Gray *is* blond. Judging rom the trailer BB is good at displaying a charming young lad with good looks and self-esteem. I love the scene where he enters and, totally aware of the effect, removes his coat to show his waist.

  3. Pingback: “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” « LiberryDwarf

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