The Bubble Project.

Covered: Artists redraw comic book covers in their own style.


You can download the first StarShipSofa anthology for free here, or buy the book.

I loved this review. Thank goodness for bad books. [Or bad TV shows based on bad books.]

Simon Callow on The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Queen of the Iron Sands – free serial novel by Scott Lynch.

Moby Dick translated into Emoji.


Stephenie Meyer and JK Rowling to get comic-book biographies.


The Cat Piano.

New Darren Aronofsky Project.

Top 10 unmade DC films.


Awesome song, but the video sucks a bit, so I’m posting it here and not on Friday. ;)


From the WTF-department: Teacher asks author to talk to her class but so that he can’t see them – for data protection.

And another one from the WTF-department: in the US, the record industry makes the teaching material about copyright.

Sexual Assault Prevention Tips Guaranteed to Work.

Marvel Rape Fail.

Indian Women and the Commute to Work.


Story of a scientist who believed to be able to travel between dimensions and who was a superhero in the other dimension. Part One and Part Two.


Where True Blood will be going next season (slightly spoilery, comments very spoilery).

Completely Different Things

Kurt Vonnegut Explains Drama.

Things the world needed a lot: Harry Potter Theme Park.


Neil Gaiman Facts.

Last Words of Prisoners before execution (free registration required to read).

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