The Fall (2006)

The Fall is a movie by Tarsem Singh, starring Catinca Untaru and Lee Pace.

After an accident the stuntman Roy Walker (Lee Pace) finds himself in the hospital, where he is soon approached by a little girl with a broken arm, Alexandria (Catinca Untaru). He is suicidal but not able to leave his bed, so he decides to use Alexandria to get enough pills to kill himself. He starts to tell Alexandria a story, the story of the Blue Bandit (Lee Pace) and his friends and a little bit like Sheherazade only tells fragments, which he continues only after receiving more pills.

This movie is a masterpiece. Visually stunning, touching story, good writing… just WOW. I know that it took some time to be big, but it’s starting to get there (Austrian cinematical release 3 years after it was actually made, but no bad critique, at least as far as I’ve read). And rightly so.


[This post is going to be picture-heavy, because I just can’t decide which pictures to choose. But there won’t be any spoilers.]

Tarsem Singh first came to my attention when I watched The Cell. I thought, “What a beautiful movie, visually! How unfortunate that it has J-Lo as the main actress…”

In the case of The Fall, everything fit together. Singh keeps the surreal beauty of The Cell, but gets together a very good cast and a wonderful story.


Catinca Untaru gives a layered performance, which should be impossible for anybody her age. Lee Pace is awesome and sexy as usual. Leo Bill is very funny as Darwin. Marcus Wesley is great as Otta Benga. And of course the Indian (Jeetu Verma) and Luigi (Robin Smith) and the Mystic (Julian Bleach)!


The story is so sweet and very bitter at the same time. It’s amazing (and huge props, again, to Lee Pace who manages to pull off his character, his desperation and self-centeredness without ever losing the audience who will still root for him). And the story within the story is absolutely magnificent. Of course, no little part of that are the amazing sceneries and locations Singh chose for his movie.

[I was in the cinema with my almost-brother from Canada who is probably the most-travelled person I will ever get to know. And he was like, “Yeah, that’s there, and I have been there. And this one’s there. And this dance is very traditional in (I don’t remember)…” Almost frustrating if it wasn’t so fascinating.]


But to get back to the story: I loved how it started out as a completely conventional story and then had the audacity to not be one and to not end like one. And boy, did I ever cry my eyes out!

Also I haven’t mentioned the costumes yet. If you haven’t guessed already: They were beautiful. Let me say this again: bee-you-tee-full.


Okay, before I go on and on and on about how great this movie is and bore you all to death, two things: 1. take a look at the trivia mentioned on imdb. It’s very cool.



Seriously,  I wouldn’t change a thing about it.


7 thoughts on “The Fall (2006)

  1. idem.. thats movie is…so…GREAT!!…damn!..

    I like this quote : “…What a mystery this world..One day you love them..and the next day you want to kill them a thousand times over…” …

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