Answering Questions Asked Through Google XXXVI

Again I thought that, hey, it’s been 4 months since I last saw a question in my blog stats. Goodbye, AQATG! I’ll just have another look before I post the official “this feature doesn’t exist anymore” thingummy.

And there it was. Incospicuously. All in small letters. Even without a question mark. But it was there…

“who is katie in monsters vs aliens”?

Katie (Renee Zellweger’s character) is the young woman who makes out with her boyfriend in the car when the aliens land on earth. [For more info see my review here.]

And right after that, there was ANOTHER ONE!

“how was the doctor’s wife portrayed in b[lindness?]”

Well, I’m guessing here that we’re talking about blindness and either about the book or the movie.

My personal opinion of the doctor’s wife? Courageous, loyal, strong, admirable, practical. She’s a caretaker, with all the positive and the negative things that come from that.

Need more info? Read the book. Watch the movie.

AND ANOTHER ONE! The next question I’m really not qualified to answer. But the format is especially interesting, so I’ll post it anyway:

“ did edward hopper influence cont[emporary art?]”

[Might I suggest wikipedia?]

I don’t know if it pays to keep this feature up… Maybe you want to chime in [plus, I’ve never used the poll feature before, so…]?

2 thoughts on “Answering Questions Asked Through Google XXXVI

  1. Keep it up as and when you get questions. I like hearing about these little details which I’m pretty sure I’d never bother to search for otherwise. :)

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