Feet of Clay (Terry Pratchett)

Feet of Clay is the third of the Discworld novels about the City Watch by Terry Pratchett [reviews of the others here].

Somebody is committing murders in Ankh-Morpork, and whoever it is, they leave behind a strange mud trail which soon leads to the golems of the city. At the same time, the Patrician is being poisoned and Nobby Nobbs is discovered to be a noble man. So Sam Vimes has is hands full once more.

Feet of Clay was definitely my favourite Discworld novel (until I reached Night Watch. But more on that later). I loved Dorfl, and I loved the way Carrot and Angua are developing and, of course, Sam Vimes and Cheery Littlebottom and the Patrician. So, in short: the characters.


I might be a little biased in liking this book because I really love stories about golems. But the whole episode with Noble Nobby had me laughing tears. And the timer! And it’s also one of the most quotable books I’ve ever read.

But I think this book is where I noticed that if I don’t read at least a page or two of Discworld before sleeping, something’s missing. And I think I’ve figured it out. I now know why I don’t care about the plot of the stories or why the jokes are just a plus but I’d also read these books if they were the saddest things ever written: The City Watch have become my friends. And I know that this sounds weird and this usually doesn’t happen to me but it’s nevertheless true.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do if there is no new City Watch books to read about anymore… I need to know what happens to Sam Vise and to everybody else. But especially to Sam.

[Right now I’m reading some standalones because deadra recommended I read them before Thud! And I already miss everybody sorely. Well, at least there’s Detritus in Moving Pictures. And Gaspode.]

Anyways, have some quotes!

No one can be as sane as he is without being mad.

“Commander, I always used to consider that you had a definite anti-authoritarian streak in you.”
“It seems that youhave managed to retain this even though you are authority.”
“That’s practically zen.”

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