Fabio Viale makes sculptures from marble and then makes them look like they aren’t marble at all.

AndyAwesome[by Andy Awesome]


Smart Pop Books: Essays on pop culture, partly free.

Extract from Dave Egger’s The Wild Things.

I’m all for new media and stuff, but, dude, Twitterfiction? Sounds like more work than it’s worth.

Free short story by Rachel Swirsky.

The Interstitial Arts Foundation has more free stories online.

How to Write Badly Well.

Last week, Kraken were the new vampires. Now it’s angels.


[via liberrydwarf] The movies the Beatles Never Made.

Dave McKean to bring his graphic novel “Cages” to film.

Clooney, DiCaprio or Depp as Sinatra? [What do you think? I’m actually in favour of DiCaprio though I think that every one of them would give an awesome performance.]


Go, Nicole Kidman! And a little more here.

DisneyPrincess[via (Please note that Belle’s description is a little off, imo)]


With this handy flowchart, decide once and for all which religion you should follow.


Completely Different Things

42 Essential 3rd Act Twists.

Unfortunate Cookie.

[via L.] Need a Problem?

lol. [NSFW]


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