Bat People Trilogy (Raven Cross)

Raven Cross [German link] is a German author. Her Bat People Trilogy consists of the books Bat People, Bat City and Bat Woman.

Nastassja and her brother Joshua are driving through California when they are attacked by the bat people, half human, half bats. Joshua almost dies and is then kidnapped by them. So Nastassja risks her own life to save him but ultimately loses her heart to Anwar, the leader of the bat people.

This trilogy is the aforementioned worst book ever (and all three parts comfortably fit into one book). Clunky dialogue, no characterisation whatsoever, illogical plot and written like the homework of a mildly talented twelve year old… this book has it all and is an important and painful reminder of the lesson to never buy books at the airport.


I have to admit that I finished these books. But it wasn’t like with the Twilight books – which are so bad they’re good. No, it was some kind of weird fascination, the same impulse that makes you look at the gore in horror movies or that makes you try to see what exactly happened at the car accident you’re driving past.

And there was another thing I found utterly fascinating: That somebody – who presumably got paid for it – read this book and thought, “Awesome, this is so good, we have to publish it!”

I don’t know what else to say: imagine the vampire fantasy of a twelve year old – with the same hazy definition of love and sex – couple it with the most ridiculous plot you can think of and then write it with incredibly stilted dialogue and avoidance of everything that even remotely resembles characterisation and your result would still be better than what I read here.



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