The Fifth Elephant (Terry Pratchett)

The Fifth Elephant is the fifth of the Discworld novels about the City Watch by Terry Pratchett [reviews of the others here].

Sam Vimes gets send to Überwald on a diplomatic mission by the Patrician. Überwald is the home of the dwarfs, the vampires and the werewolves. Things are brewing in Überwald – a new dwarf Low King is about to be throned, the werewolves are planning something and Angua and Carrot get mixed up in all of this as well.

I liked the Fifth Elephant – Sam Vimes as a diplomat is always an awesome sight. Though I don’t think that it’s the best book in the series, it’s not the worst either. Getting a look at society in Überwald was also really cool.

I’m quickly approaching the end of the Watch books  – and I really don’t wanna… I like all of the characters but I love – with all of my heart – Sam Vimes. Life without him is going to be dire indeed.

I really liked the whole werewolf thingy – Angua’s ex and Carrot’s chasing after her with Gaspode, but also the look we got at Angua’s family.

And Colon in charge! Almost made me wish to have him in charge more often.

I don’t know if there’s anything else I can say about this book that I haven’t said about the others, so I’ll just leave it at that.

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