Blaze of Memory (Nalini Singh)

Blaze of Memory is the seventh installment in Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series [my other reviews here]. It’s Katya’s and Dev’s story.

Dev, head of the Shine foundation, finds the body of an unconscious woman on his doorstep – Katya. He quickly finds out that she’s Psy, but that she doesn’t have any memories left – somebody forcefully took them from her. Though there’s a risk that Katya is unknowingly spying on Dev or even programmed to kill him, Dev can’t help but be attracted to her.

So far, Blaze of Memory definitely was the weakest of the Psy-Changeling books. That’s because Dev’s and Katya’s story just isn’t that good. Nevertheless, the world around them grows more interesting and more intriguing with every sentence I read about it.

[After saying the last time that I didn’t find the covers atrocious anymore, along comes this one and all’s back to normal…]

I liked the slow reveal about what Dev’s ability actually is. The same goes for Katya’s abilities. But their story together lacked something… I don’t know. Maybe because it seemed so inevitable – not really passionate, more manufactured.

But the worldbuilding was the really awesome part. The worldbuilding and the kids. In this book, Singh explores the beginnings of Silence and the resistance against its implementation – a very important piece of the puzzle.

In any case I’m looking forward to Max’ story, especially since he’s, apparently, a completely normal human. Like with Tally (though she almost doesn’t count), I like that dynamic and what it means for a relationship.


  1. The cover looks like one for any trashy thriller/crime story. Singh’s usual covers look even more trashy (maybe more on the s*x-side).Why can’t you put up with it, is it the guy’s 70-ies hairdo?

    … anyway…. I think I’ll have to borrow a few of these books from you after my thesis. The titles are trashy-awesome.

    • No, it’s more the photoshopped fire and the bigass gun… but the hairdo is bad, it’s true.

      When you’re done with your thesis you’re going to have to catch up with soooo many things. ;) I’ll gladly borrow you the books.

  2. I think the cover looks like “Gone with the wind” meets “Miami Vice” ^^

    Don’t tell me about the catching up… It will have to wait until I am retired or something (afterlife?).

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