Search Bar – Meme Monday

This one’s rather easy:

Press each letter in the search bar of your browser/favourite search machine and list what the auto-complete function jumps to first.

A: Alice in Sunderland

B: Bradley Cooper (Oy vay…)

C: Carpark North

D: Diner Dash (interesting… I don’t know when I played that game last… I was obsessed with it for about half an hour…)

E: Eastwick Episode Recap (I think they didn’t air a whole episode of Eastwick, the penultimate. So when I watched the last episode, I thought I missed an episode and tried to find out how…)

F: Fringe

G: Gallimaufrey (Aaah, QI, constantly improving my vocabulary and knowledge)

H: House MD

I: In the Company of Wolves

J: Joy Supersystem (Awesome song, unfortunately not on youtube. Supersystem’s the band.)

K: Kylie Chan (an author)

L: Lady Antebellum

M: mail

N: Never Mind the Buzzcocks (it’s barely noticeable that I’m a TV junkie, right?)

O: Oz (I’m in the middle of the first season. It’s gruesome but very good.)

P: Prisoner (I watched the new one. It sucked.)


R: Ranch Rush (yeah, I admit it, FarmVille left deeper marks than I’d thought…)

S: Syfy The Beauty and the Beast (I’m a sucker for bad movies, in case you hadn’t noticed yet)

T: The Reformed Vampire Support Group (a book I considered to read but in the end didn’t)

U: Unwritten (huh… I don’t even like that song… interesting)

V: Vampire Knight (Oh, Zero…)

W: White Collar (am in the middle of the first season. Very engaging show)

X: nothing

Y: Yvonne (a band from Sweden, I think. I know one of their songs and I like it a lot; Bad Dream)

Z: Zombieland

So, now you know what my laptop’s for: watching TV, listening to music, the occasional book or movie… :)

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