A heart a day.

Book Artists and Designers Pick Their Favourite Recent Covers.


There’s a prequel for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? There was something about flogging and horses and death…

In Praise of Sexual Expression.

Nicholas Sparks is probably delusional.

Book Review Bingo!

Women can’t do it right: If they write light-hearted stuff, it’s chick-lit. If they write grim stuff, it’s too grim

Ian McEwan to Make Atonement Opera.

Carol Ann Duffy’s Poem About David Beckham, Dissected.

A Massive Map of Four Famed Fictions Crossing the Globe.


The Daily Batman.


Digital: A Love Story.




The Letter O in Film Poster Design.

Revenge of the Return: Sequels Get Even.

Björk and Michel Gondry to team up again for a movie.

Philip Seymour Hoffman in talks to play Daniel Johnston?

Enver Gjokaj has a new webseries – a soap opera satire. What more could you wish for? You can find the video(s) here.

Tim Burton to make Addams Family film next?

Dr. Horrible sequel confirmed – as a movie.

Bryan Singer to direct two X-Men movies? Or none at all?

Chris Evans is Captain America.

John Malkovich, Frances McDormand and a Ferrari cast in Transformers 3.



Tampon ad makes fun of tampon ads, still can’t say “vagina”. Related: Euphemism in Tampon Ads.

The Pink and Blue Project.

The Science of Making Up Stuff.




Firefly Re-Watch!

What Happened to Torchwood? Bad news, that’s what.

That Sounds Interesting: King Arthur + Torchwood.

Completely Different Things

Rubik’s Cube for the Blind.

That’s What Bea Said.

Watch Hugh Jackman in a Lipton Ice Tea ad.

[via @nikhilgp]How many zombies do you know?

French TV Show Uses Famous Milgram Torture Experiment.


6 thoughts on “Links

  1. That is a loooooong list…so I’ll just comment on the more urgent stuff:

    – Lets see some Nicholas Sparks books with bright pink covers…and a stiletto and/or a lipstick and/or a cupcake on beneath the italicised serif-font title and the name of “N. Sparks” – to see him compete on an even playing field for once ^.~

    – Parallel Lines looks intriguing.

    – Chris Evans?! Seriously? When the ONLY part of that man’s body that isn’t chisled is his jaw?? It didn’t occur to anybody to put the mask on him (or photoshop it on his pic, or whatever) and check for sufficient impressiveness? Now the only way they can make this up to me would be by making him fight without a shirt on.

    – What do we want? ALL NEW TORCHWOOD!!! When do we want it? NOW!!!!!!

    – I’m surrounded by math! It’s everywhere!!! AAAAAARGH.

    • – Don’t Nicholas Sparks books look like that anyway. ;)

      – Parallel Lines looks very intersting – especially considering it’s a Marketing thing and not really an art project.

      – lol@Chris Evans’ jaw… But if your other choice is John Krasinski, Chris is probably the better guy. :) Shirtless fighting is never wrong, though.

      – TORCHWOOD YAY! :)

      – You’ll survive the math, you have so far. ;)

      • Okay…if the only other choice was John Krasinski, fine. But it wasn’t. There was no earthly reason to have the same guy play two Marvel superheroes. Because now, apart from the lack of a sufficiently impressive jawline, Johnny Storm will be Steve Rogers, or a clone of Steve Rogers…or Steve Rogers will be a clone of Johnny Storm…or they will be each other’s transdimensional counterparts, or something…and it makes my geek-brain ache.

        What about Jensen Ackles?
        Or, really, since Captain America is really just the result of a super-soldier program, how about Anthony Montgomery? Or a Latino? Or Sendhil Ramamurthy? They had more possibilities with this one than with any other superhero they filmed to date…and they’re wasting them.

        • I know, it’s seriously wacky. It screws with my head, too and I’m not even a fan of either the Fantastic Four or Captain America…

          And Jensen Ackles? Awesome. Awesome idea. [But then again, hardly anything wouldn’t be better with Jensen Ackles.]
          Sendhil Ramamurthy would be interesting, but I’d appreciate any chance to get him out of Heroes.

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