Philip Smith makes awesome Book Art.

Ben Heine’s pencil drawings/photo hybrids.


Ok, Where Do I Start With That? B.

A lot must have changed when Ian McEwan is a contender for the Wodehouse prize.


Batman to be a play.


Hateris – The Meanest Tetris Clone You’ve Ever Played.


Sam Mendes to Direct Robert Downey Jr in Wizard of Oz Prequel?

So, Idris Elba was cast as Heimdall and now (white) fanboys are complaining? Come on, people, after centuries of casting white people as Othello and other black characters, I think it’s great that it’s the other way round for a change.

How to Train Your Dragon Sequel Confirmed.


Themes in Advertising: The Humorous Intersection of Tampons and Cigarettes.

When You Have No Right to “Apologize”.

The “fair use economy” is enormous, growing, and endangered by the relatively tiny entertainment industry.


Fox Kills Torchwood USA.

Completely Different Things

[taken from here]

Creepy, Abandoned Dinosaur Amusement Park.


13 thoughts on “Links

  1. @ having no right to apologize:
    Here’s another aspect of secondary victimization (usually happens at police stations when victims get to tell what happened to them): Look, I made you cry. Look, I have a right to talk to you about what I did to you because now I’m sorry.

    I love the You can make a difference poster, btw.

    • Apologies – if they really are apologies – are a good thing for both parties, I think. “Apologies” that are only another excuse for power plays are, of course, despicable.

      The poster is great.

      • Real apologies are very rare, I think.

        The typical apology-approach of most people is something like
        “Look, I’m sorry, but you have to understand…” (which means
        a) the apologing person doesn’t fully take the blame
        b) the person hearing the apology is a sucker (petty, cruel, unfair etc) if he/she witholds his/her acceptance
        c) the person who did wrong rubs it in the face of the person who has suffered from it

        That’s why I for example extremly dislike it when people make their kids apologize when they are not sorry. Because many of these kids grow into this pattern of “just saying it” and don’t change it as an adult.

        Oh, there’d be a lot to say about apologies and how most of them don’t deserve the name… :P

  2. That Horatio Caine video is evil.
    Do you know how long it took me to get that “Horatio Redemptor”-bit out of my head the first time around? Do you?! And now it’s back. Argh.

    You know, I still look up from whatever it is I’m doing at the start of CSI:Miami every week, because I keep hoping that one day, Caruso will be so focussed on the oh-so-dramatic pause in his one-liner… … …that he pokes himself in the eye with his glasses.


  3. Hast du das Riesenbaby auf der Seite mit dem Dinosaurierpark gesehen? Es ist 8m und kann glucksen und herumwackeln. DAS ist creepy. Die Dinos sind eher unschuldig.

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