Max Goldt

Max Goldt is a German author who writes mostly essays or short columns about everyday things, language and basically anything he wants. He just published a new book – Zimbo – and is therefore doing some readings, two of which where in Vienna.

I will keep this short, since I don’t really know how to review a reading. :) Goldt’s writing is pretty great – funny and intelligent and it really lends itself ot be read aloud. [Though I can also very much recommend reading him for yourself.] He’s a good reader with a very nice voice.

His text choice was pretty good – he read mostly from his new book, but also some older stuff.

Summarising, seeing him do a reading is a good way to get to know his writing and it’s also very enjoyable even if you already know his stuff.

2 thoughts on “Max Goldt

  1. Dear,

    I do want to buy the CD of Max Goldt: “L’église des crocodiles” (Gagarin Records GR 2024), but I do not know where I can obtain it!
    Where and how can I buy him?
    Adress: Marcel Van Impe

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