Video Vriday

So, you’ve probably already heard about M.I.A’s new video to Born Free. If not, you can watch it here. But be warned: it is extremely upsetting and very violent. I literally cried my way through it.

I figured, I couldn’t post this without having something nice and completely unthreatening as a follow up, so here’s another Mia.

Mia. – Tanz der Moleküle

8 thoughts on “Video Vriday

  1. I didn’t finish Born free as it is both ugly and boring. Yes, it actually manages to be boring which is unusual as violence usually gets our mammal (reptile?) brain’s attention pretty fast and long.

    I guess the story’s point is that war sucks for civilians?

  2. Before I’ve seen only the first 2 min, now I’ve watched the whole film.
    The message (something like: Each and every group can be persecuted by evil authorities) is not exactly a big relevation.
    But, yes, it’s different when the people look slightly like we do ourselves.

    You could look for ” southpark harry potterginger kids” on youtube. I’ve seen it when it was a rather funny rather harmless voice-over about 2 years ago. Only that it started this whole youtube ginger-persecution which is no fun at all. Anyway. I think you should have a look. Both how it started and how people started to overdo it and how people think themselves so cool in the comments.

    • That’s not actually a YouTube thing…it’s a really old English thing. Ginger-haired people are the butt of jokes (ie “Santa loves all children. Even ginger ones.”).
      I’ve always figured that was because the original Brits were ginger, and they were sort of hit with waves of conquerors for over 1000 years. Probably a remnant of a long-held social pecking order.
      Obviously, I could be totally wrong.

      And while I agree that the message isn’t all that profound, you have to admit that not everyone has your brains or your education. Some people have probably never thought of it that way. And they should…but there should be some kind of warning before it, because the last two minutes pack a punch.

      • ginger kids: Ah, that’s interesting. So it’s something like “Blondinenwitze” in Austria?

        … the video is not very realistic, though (this bugs me. I have to write it down.). No totalitarian regime whatsoever would send soldiers or special forces to get single civilians of a certain ethnicity from home.
        You’d have two men in normal clothes knocking and asking you to come with them. And they would never-ever disturb all the neighbours.

    • I don’t think the message was meant to be profound. Actually, it’s quite simple: persecuting people because of their looks or physical characteristics is damn evil.

      It’s just that using gingers instead of people of colour or jews/jewish looking people removes it from the usual stereotypes and gives you a fresh outlook.

      • Many jewish people killed in the holocaust had fairer hair than the highest-ranking nazis. Just saying. In so far the blond evil cold-eyed Hollywood-nazi isn’t very accurate either.

        We have such distinct ideas about who is meant to be the victim and who the victimizer based on stereotypes.
        Think husband-battering. Or Turkish spitting on Austrians.
        It happens. But we try hard to see our beloved stereotype first (the man being violent, the Austrian being racist).

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