[via ramblingperfectionist] Why Gandalf Never Married.

Ok, Where Do I Start with That? K.


I think I’ve mentioned Blacksad here before, but now BoingBoing writes about it and I just wanted to point out again how completely awesome it is.


Neil Patrick Harris, I curse you for making me consider seeing this movie.


Green Hornet Trailer.


Top 15 Christian Fundamentalist Quotes of the Week.


Inside the Tardis.

I should be starting to read this:

New webseries combines dancing and superheroes.

Doctor Hoo:

So, there’s going to be an anime Supernatural?

Completely Different Things

I’m Comic -Sans, Asshole.

[via liberrydwarf] Now that is what I call an awesome marketing campaign.

Scary Sextoy Friday. Awesome, creepy, NSFW.

Lightning strikes Jesus statue. Maybe he forgot dad’s birthday.

6 thoughts on “Links

  1. SEAN BEAN???!!!
    Now I know I’m imagining things, my cold has given me a fever and I’m delirious. Or this is all some elaborate prank of yours. The universe could never be this perfect!

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