Mes amis, mes amours [London mon amour] (2008)

London mon amour is the adaptation of Marc Levy‘s book, directed by Lorraine Levy and starring Vincent Lindon, Pascal Elbé, Virginie Ledoyen and Florence Foresti.

Mathias (Vincent Lindon) is a rather carefree single with a divorced wife and a daughter, who live in London. When he gets fired from his job in Paris, and gets an offer from his best friend Antoine (Pascal Elbé), he decides to move to London, to maybe rekindle his relationship with the ex (Mar Sodupe). Unfortunately, said ex immediately moves back to Paris, leaving Mathias with his daughter in London. Since he’s never had to care for anybody but himself, he quickly proposes Antoine, who’s a single dad as well, that they could share an apartment – and the responsibility.

There are a few very good laughs in this film and it is rather entertaining to watch. You won’t leave the cinema on cloud number nine, neither will you be impressed by the cinematic skills of the people involved. But the actors are decent, the story is sweet and it’s practically the definition of summer cinema.

The story was as cute as it was predictable. I did like that they managed to escape the biggest clichés, though, and that Mathias wasn’t suddenly a reformed guy who managed all the responsibilites easily and could have a lovelife to his liking. It just seemed to be more realistic that he remained a carefree guy, even if a little less carefree than before.

The same goes for Antoine – he’s totally anal. And he stays that way, even if it’s a little bit eased up in the end. [Also, Pascal Elbé looks a lot like a guy I used to work with, only prettier. It was a little disconcerting.]

The actors were fine. It’s always nice to see Virginie Ledoyen, even if we didn’t get to see too much of her in this film.All of them had great comedic timing – and there were some very nice jokes there.

The setting was interesting – who knew that London had a French ghetto? [If it really is that way, I wouldn’t know.] And the soundtrack was pretty cool.

Summarising: nice entertainment; nothing more, nothing less.

6 thoughts on “Mes amis, mes amours [London mon amour] (2008)

  1. reading suggestion:

    The complaints (Ian Rankin)

    –> Kalafudra, you’d love this book.

    The main character is scottish police-detective Malcolm Fox, whose job it is to investigate against “dirty” policemen. Only that the one detective he is examining because of suspected pedophilia (Jamie Berch) is investigating in a murder against Fox’s brother in law who used to beat up Fox’s sister. Malcolm’s superiors don’t see a conflict of interest at first…

    Jamie is a well-trained policeman, has a lot of wit and intelligence and is totally winning the heart of everyone who crosses his way. Jamie talks a lot about the murder case (where Malcolm could even be a suspect) with Malcolm and both men feel immediately drawn to each other. Eventually Fox becomes friends with Jamie.
    After breaking a few rules they both get a temporarily suspension as Jamie isn’t supposed to take a relative of the murdered guy to the investigation. In their freetime they try to solve the mystery of the murder of Fox’s brother in law together, stumbling over other big crimes.

    In the middle of the book Fox is totally sure about Jamie being wrongly suspected and tells him that he had been examining him. And as a reader you so want this to be the right choice as Jamie is such a nice guy and just can not be a baddie.

    –> perfect read.

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