Twice Dead (Kalayna Price)

[To be perfectly honest: I got a copy of this book in an Early Reviewer give-away at librarything. I don’t think it’s tainted my judgment, though.]

Twice Dead is the second book in The Haven Series by Kalayna Price.

Kita, a freshly-turned-vampire is a shapeshifter without the ability to actually shift shapes. She still has to clean up after herself and the events of the first books, when she gets swept up in vampire politics, stumbles over a decapitated body, makes a deal with a necromancer and has to figure out what the hell she’s feeling for her vampire master Nathaniel or whether she should return home with her playground-love-but-freshly-mated Bobby.

The first book was decidedly meh and the second is, too. There’s nothing overtly wrong with it, except for a serious lack of originality, but it just never really grabbed my attention, or made me care.

I feel like I’ve read around a hundred stories that were just like Twice Dead. The scheming vampires. The uncontrolled beast within the shapeshifter. The love triangle. The vampire superpowers. The manhandling of the heroine.

Let me put it this way: Price works within an established cannon – and it’s been mostly established by other people. Which is okay. I mean, it’s not a sign 0f a great writer (mostly), but it’s fine. Unfortunately, it’s not enough. If you work with so little novelty, there’s gotta be something else that draws the reader in – and Twice Dead lacked that quality for me.

Usually, it’s the characters that do the trick but Kita was annoying, and neither Nathaniel nor Bobby ever become full persons in my head. The only interesting figure was Tatius – and he featured way too little to be really intriguing.

So, this is really not a recommendation, though the book was far from bad enough to deserve a warning.

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