Mark Z. Danielewski’s new project.


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Nobody Likes M. Night Shyamalan.

Tim: A Tribute to Tim Burton.

Can you name the 26 movies in this clip?

Ian McKellen will be Gandalf again.

Chris Nolan is meeting with possible Superman directors.

Bill and Ted gets a sequel.

Edward Norton in Nolan’s Batman 3? Yes please!

Guillermo del Toro signs on with Dreamworks.

Alternate Opening for Iron Man 2.


Completely Different Things

Hated by the Daily Mail.

Geeky Tattoos. And a book of literary tattoos.

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  1. Okay…great week. From the top:

    “And the little dude abides.” rofl

    I can’t wait for Night of the Living Trekkies. It will be awesome. And you will have to sit through it with me ^_^

    I don’t like Shyamalan either.

    I am STILL livid about “The Film That Ought To Be Called Rapunzel”. hrmpf

    I can, in fact, name the 26 movies in this clip. (I think.) Can you?

    Round here, we’ll probably watch Colin Firth’s accenptance speeches before we get to watch “The King’s Speech”. Damn.

    I want to be hated by the Daily Mail, too. (Given that I’m an agnostic, left-wing, ravingly pro-EU hippie with no y-chromosome, my odds are good, right?)

    Geeky and literary tattoos are cool. I want one.

    • Oh, damnit…I just realised that “Night of the Living Trekkies” is a book, not a movie. Book trailers confuse me. Why do they even exist? Now I’m so disappointed that there won’t be a movie, I might never pick up the book. Great job, evil trailer. Great job, indeed.

      • @Night of the Living Trekkies:
        Oh, but it does sound awesome as a book as well. And you can be sure that if it’s a success, it’s going to be made into a film, right?!

        I hate myself a little for it, but I think it looks cool.

        @26 movies:
        I recognised a lot, but I’m not sure if I didn’t miss some. I didn’t count.

        @Daily Mail:
        If you get your literary tattoo, your hatred-chances will be even higher. ;) Also, you could publicly burn your bra.

        I think I’ve decided what my third tattoo will be. But I don’t know where yet and it’s a kind of new idea, so we’ll see how long it sticks around.
        Also, I have to get my second tattoo first.

  2. And the Gay Marriage clip is from Australia – yay! (The comedy team’s called The Chaser, you should look at some of their other earlier stuff, it was better than the stuff this year!)

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