Dangerous librarians? Sounds like a cool series.

Future Classics: Best Science Fiction Written by Women 2001-2010.

Women of Science Fiction and Women of Fantasy, two book clubs for 2011.


Rhys Ifans Cast as Spiderman Villain.

6 Upcoming Movie Prequels and Why They Might Not Suck.

50 Most Underrated Movies of All Time.


Doctor Who’s Become Immortal. Not that I wasn’t expecting it, but it’s good to have confirmation.

Another Charlaine Harris TV show.

Completely Different Things

Click on the image to view it in its animated glory:

If there’s one good thing about Benoit Mandelbrot’s death, is that fractals are everywhere now.

Today I don’t Have to Think About


  1. Old Spice Aragorn made me laugh so hard I almost wet myself – thank you!

    Also – Worldsoul Trilogy? Heck yes please! (Although it still won’t make us real-life librarians cool, sadly…)

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