Info about China Miéville’s newest book, “Embassytown.”


The cover alone makes me shiver. (Superman: Earth One)


Forgotten Futures, The Scientific Romance Roleplaying Game.


Tron Porn. Of course it’s call Pron.

Blinky: Creepy robot, Max Records. What’s not to love?


Live Action Batman again? Only a rumor, but I’m not sure whether I would want it to be true.

Completely Different Things

Batman the Stage Show. I, for one, am excited.

[via liberrydwarf] 20 Awesomley Untranslatable Words from around the World.

Optical Illusions.


  1. J Michael Straczinski knows how to tell a good story. (Yes, I am a fangirl, but this happens to be an objective fact ^.~ )

    So I might just have to venture into the DC-verse to read this.
    Damn you DC for having so many great writers *shakes tiny ineffectual fist*

    Just to balance this with happy news from the other (better) side of the great comic divide: Have you seen the Green Lantern trailer,yet?

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