World Panorama – 6 Short Films

World Panorama was one of the short film roles on this year’s Anilogue. It featured 6 short films, all very different in styly, topic and mood, which made it a little difficult sometimes to make the transition between the films. But it was an interesting selection.

After the jump, I’ll talk more about each film separately.


Directed by Javier Mrad and Javier Salazar

A stop-motion animation about a Super8 camera which falls in love with a mermaid. Unfortunately, they get separated when a bunch of computer mice seemingly take over the world.

The animation was brilliant and I loved how they repurposed the various things. But the story was a little meh and very preachy.


Directed by Izabela Plucinska, based on the book by Irene Dische and Hans Magnus Enzensberger

The young bunny Michael Esterházy is sent from Vienna to Berlin by the old Count Esterházy to find a wife. There he gets caught up in the political tensions surrounding the wall, and he falls in love.

The whole thing is based on a pun, which only works in German: Hase in German means bunny and is almost homophone with Házy. That’s a nice pun, but unfortunately, everything else that happens in this film is a little disjointed. And I just didn’t like the character design.

Lipsett Diaries

Directed by Theodore Ushev

The film is a biographical piece about underground film maker Arthur Lipsett.

I have to admit that I can’t say much about the film because I immediately fell asleep when it started. I think my brain just tried to escape the impressive but exhausting animation style.

The Lost Thing

Directed by Andrew Ruhemann and Shaun Tan, based on Shaun Tan’s book

A boy in a futuristic world discovers a lost thing, which nobody seems to notice. So, he sets out to find a place for it.

They added a little more details to the book for this short film, but generally they stayed very close to the original and could completely maintain its magic. Wonderful piece of work and totally worth the ticket price for all the short films here.

Something Left, Something Taken

Directed by Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter
The link in the title takes you to the movie itself.

Ru (Ru Kuwahata) and Max (Max Porter) come to San Francisco to visit a friend and listen to a talk about forensic science. But when they get picked up by a stranger, things suddenly turn for the weird.

The film and animation look great, and the story is told with a great sense of humor. Definitely a good way to spend 10 minutes.

Prayers for Peace

Directed by Dustin Grella

Dustin Grella reflects on his brother’s death as a soldier in Iraq.

It was hard to have this film be the last movie in this showing, because it’s heavy, especially right after the light and fun Something Left, Something Taken.
It’s an intersting film with a good look. It only felt almost too private to be shown like this.

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