Allt flyter [The Swimsuit Issue] (2008)

The Swimsuit Issue is the newest movie by Måns Herngren, starring Jonas Inde and Amanda Davin.

Fredrik (Jonas Inde) is a jobless sport journalist whose ex-wife just moved to England, leaving him with their teenage daughter Sara (Amanda Davin), who doesn’t get along that well with him. But – more out of coincidence than anything else – Fredrik discovers that he could be quite successful as the leader of a team of male synchronised swimmers. He gets together a group of friends and they start training – with the help of Sara, who is a swimmer herself.

The Swimsuit Issue is good entertainment. I liked the idea, it’s rather well done and it’s a nice way to pass 90 minutes. It may not make you go “woot” but it’s sweet nonetheless. And it was interesting to see how they handled homophobia in this film.

I have to admit that I expected the movie to be as laugh out loud funny as The Full Monty – and it is not. Especially the story line with the daughter is more emotional than funny, though it’s not tragic by any stretch of the imagination. The film has its moments but they’ll rather make you smile than really laugh.

But it was well-acted and it never gets boring, which makes the film highly commendable. :)

What I found really interesting was the treatment of homophobie in the movie. None of the original team was actually gay, but it didn’t seem to be a problem for any of them to be taken for a homosexual. All except one guy, who did have issues. And these issues were only met with derision – he was being made fun of by everyone for it. [A, what I felt, very progressive-European way to deal with it.]

And, on the one hand I thought, “that is so awesome! The homophobia is not the gay guy’s problem, it’s the problem of the homophobe.” On the other hand I also felt that it was taken a little lightly and treated a little too superficial.

Summarising: Very watchable if you have nothing better to do.


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