Staples, Push Pins and Packaging Tape.

Self-Portraits of one artist under the influence of various drugs.


Philipp K. Dick Award Nominees Announced.

Thogomatic: random bad passages from good books.

As If I Didn’t Own Enough Journals Yet. *drool*


Filthy Figments: Dirty Comics from Women.


The Dark Knight Rises Casting News.

Red Riding Hood Trailer: Now with Gary Oldman.

Genevieve Valentine Re-Imagines X-Men: First Class.

The next trailer is not for the faint of heart:

All the Science Fiction films from Sundance.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring performed in its entirety by one guy.

Into Survival: Joey Comeau (of A Softer World) looks at horror movies.

This has got to be the best movie poster ever.

Best Fantasy Movies of the Decade. [Well, it’s one list. The inclusion of The Lady in the Water speaks against the sanity of its writer.]

[And Sam Rockwell was in the old TMNT movie? Holy crap.]

Razzie Nominees Announced.

Oscar Nominees Announced. And deadra basically sums up my thoughts. [Which is kinda creepy but also saves me a lot of work.]


[taken from here]


More info about J. J. Abrams’ new show Alcatraz.

Completely Different Things

Totoro Knitting: Absolutely adorable.

[taken from here]

The Wooo!pedia – why didn’t I know that this existed until now?


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