Excerpts From Every 2010 Locus-Recommended Macmillan Novel.

[via Talulah Mankiller]

Nebula Award Nominees Announced.


Kate Beaton’s (who has never seen Doctor Who) comic about Doctor Who.

The Evolution of Batman.


Nintendo Heroines, Art Nouveau Style.

[via liberrydwarf]


Michel Gondry is adapting Philip K. Dick’s Ubik.

Matthew Vaughn’s Next Film: The Expendables with Superheroes.

Beautiful Wolverine 2 Fantrailer.

Probably the craziest Jesus movie ever.

Appolo 18 trailer.


James Earl Jones “sings” Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. Which begat this:

5 seconds of all US #1 songs.


Is anybody suprised that a female scientist from the 50s would not get proper recognition?

The Glenn Beck Conspiray Theory Generator.


Statistic of LGBT characters in 2010/11 TV shows.

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz’s guide to getting a sitcom cancelled.

Help Nathan Fillion Buy Firefly.

Completely Different Things

Felicia Day to make DragonAge Webseries. More info here. And here’s a trailer:

500 people tracing the same line.

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