Book Meme – Meme Monday

[taken from here]

1. What new book coming out soon do you plan to buy?

There are so many books that just came out that I have/had to read right away (The Heroes, One of Our Thursdays Is Missing, the paperback of Solar, The Wise Man’s Fear), but as usual there are things still on my list: Embassytown, A Dance With Dragons, Kiss of Snow, …

2. What upcoming book are you dying to read?

Well, that’s basically the same question, isn’t it? I won’t go ahead and buy books that I don’t plan to read.

3. What series is a must read for you?

The aforementioned: The Psy-Changeling Series, The Thursday Next Books, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Kingkiller Chronicles (if, as promised, book 2 gets a grip on its women) [does a trilogy qualify as a series?]. But I’m constantly looking for more, so if you have any recommendations…

4. What new author have you found so far in 2011?

2011 so far has brought me classics and old favorites. The two authors I didn’t know before didn’t really blow me away.

5. What little known author are you a fan of?

Maybe Max Goldt? He should be much bigger than he actually is…


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