Science Busters

Science Busters [German] is a production by Austrian comedian Martin Puntigam [German] and his two guests of honour, Heinz Oberhummer and Werner Gruber [German].
[Here are my reviews of “The Physics of Star Trek” and “The Pleasure Formula“.*]

Heinz Oberhummer is a theoretical physicist (astrophysics) and Werner Gruber is an experimental phyisicist (neurophysics). With Martin Puntigam as the host, they discuss various topics. This time round the topic was “Crucifixion Party – The Science of Christianity”. How could I have resisted such a title – and that shortly before Easter? Exactly, it’s impossible.
They answered such eternal questions as how to crucify someone directly, how unerring and exact exorcism-vomiting can get – and how far, how to walk over water, or where to place a site of Marian pilgrimage – in space.

Even though some of the jokes are the same every time, I just love this concept. The three of them work very well together, you can see that they have fun and that they are passionate about what they’re talking about. [I’m especially an Oberhummer fan – he’s so perfectly enthusiastic, I could listen to him rant all day.]

*They mentioned that they have 30 different programs by now. Maybe I’ll see them all at some point. :)

They got a bit sidetracked this time and more or less spontaneously decided to talk about nuclear fusion which  is why we did not get the promised live blood miracle (I guess it wasn’t planned that this part took over almost the entire first half). But since the fusion was interesting, too, I didn’t really mind.

I would have enjoyed more Oberhummer, though. Not only because he’s an outspoken atheist who went off on a heartwarming rant about the crosses in Austrian classrooms (which should be banned) but he tackled the – to me – more interesting topics this time: the pilgrim space station, for example. Should it be geostationary? Should it be on a Lagrangian point? If so, which one?

Not that Gruber didn’t have anything interesting to say, either. I loved how he got to introduce the Flying Spaghetti Monster (though I think people who hadn’t heard about it before were more impressed) and how he explained the myths surrounding (Jesus’) crucifixion.

Summarising: I’ll definitely see them again. Maybe I’ll catch their Hollywood program next…

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