Re-Read: Something Rotten (Jasper Fforde)

Something Rotten is the fourth Thursday Next novel by Jasper Fforde. [Here are my reviews for the other books in the series.]

[SPOILERS for the previous books]

Two years have passed since The Well of Lost Plots and Thursday had her fill of the bookworld. Even though it’s exciting and fabulous, she wants to return to real life, to work on getting Landen re-actualised and to teach her son Friday to talk something other than Lorem Ipsum. So she leaves her hunt for the Minotaur, her job as Bellman and takes Friday – and Hamlet, who longs for a change – and returns to Swindon. While Thursday tries to get her life on track, childcare for Friday and her old SpecOp job back, she also discovers that the Goliath Corporation is applying to be a religion and has joined forces with Yorrick Kaine. And it seems like the world is about to end. Again.

Something Rotten is great. Good pacing, good sense of humor and I just love Thursday more and more with each book. And Hamlet is brilliant, especially when interacting with Alan, ferocious dodo extraordinaire.


Something Rotten has a definite closure to it. I don’t know if Fforde was planning to write any more Thursday Next books after this one, but it doesn’t feel like it, since it ends with her death and everything. And even though there are some things that remain unclear and/or unsolved (whatever happened to Aornis, for example, or why Mycroft came back and how), it would have been quite a satisfying ending. [Not that I’m unhappy that he decided to return to Thursday. Not at all.]

Landen is back, the Goliath Corporation and Yorrick Kaine have definitely been vanquished [and that last showdown between Kaine and The Cat Formerly Known As Cheshire is brilliant] and we get to see that Thursday will have led a full and beautiful life. What more could you wish for?

After The Well of Lost Plots lagged a bit, the pacing is again spot-on in this one and I just love Fforde’s humor. I also appreciated that we got a little more Spike than usual. Spike is awesome. And the insights into the Neanderthal community were wonderful as well.

In short, with Something Rotten Fforde is back in high form.

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