Uncensored Dorian Gray Is Finally Published.

Crazy/Experimental SFF books.


Public Domain Superheroes.


Never heard of Cobra The Space Pirate before, but this looks awesome.+

If Summer Movie Posters Told the Truth

New Darren Aronofsky Project?

New Conan the Barbarian trailer.

First Clips from The Big Bang.


[Trigger Warning] Twenty years after the assault, Liz Seccuro’s rapist contacted her, which led to her finally charging him.


Fall TV Update.

First Look at Torchwood (with OOOOH DICHEN LACHMAN! moment):


  1. Liz Seccuro:

    Did you know that rape is one of the few crimes where special prevention (punishing the perpetrator so that he learns that it isn’t ok) actually works?
    Men who rape usually don’t feel guilt after their deed (because the raped woman doesn’t count as a person in their mind), but they start to feel it once they get punished.

    Legal sociology.

  2. Reasons for punishment in criminal law:

    Special (individual) prevention i.e. changing and educating the perpetrator, make him realize his guilt and choose other ways.
    General prevention: Showing the community that crime doesn’t pay, make everyone feel good about not being a criminal.

    Another important aspect is keeping society safe by locking criminals up so that they don’t do it at the time of being locked up :P

    Special prevention doesn’t really work well in prisons where criminals meet other criminals. :P
    Rape is one of the very few crimes where special prevention works (unless the rapist is mentally ill): The punishment the rapist receives makes him realize that the woman can act on her own will and even cause him harm.

    • I think that special prevention would work much better if it was actually really worked at, if you know what I mean. If it wasn’t considered enough to just lock people up and tell them to think really hard about what they’ve done.

  3. Yes, of course.
    But this will never happen as long as the right-wing people dream their dream of revenge and punishment – a dream that does not include giving attention to the bad boy or working on the personal development of a criminal.

    I’d rather invest in the individual development ot the victims, too. But there should be money for both (and there is for neither).

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