Re-Read: First Among Sequels (Jasper Fforde)

First Among Sequels is the fifth Thursday Next novel by Jasper Fforde. [Here are my reviews for the other books in the series.]

[slight SPOILERS for the previous books]

14 years have passed since the end of Something Rotten: SpecOps was officially disbanded and Thursday and Landen have been living happily with their kids, even though Thursday has some trouble getting her son Friday to join the ChronoGuard like his future self told her he would. Landen is safe in the knowledge that Thursday is no longer working for either SpecOps or Jurisfiction, but Acme Carpets, together with Bowden, Spike and Stig. But of course, this wouldn’t be Thursday if there wasn’t some action: She’s secretly still in business. There’s a bit of cheese-smuggling, helping Spike to get rid of some Supreme Evil Beings and training an apprentice in the BookWorld. And not just any apprentice, but Thursday5 – her own fictional version who is unfortunately not at all like Thursday herself. At least she isn’t like Thursday1-4 either.

First Among Sequels is one of my favorites in the series: I love the whole plotline with Friday and Thursday encountering herself-but-not-herself and there’s almost enough Landen to make me entirely happy (at least he exists the whole time through). It’s satisfying and fun.


It’s clear why this book would be called “First Among Sequels”, even though it’s actually the fifth book: Something Rotten has a very definitive ending, and FAS kind of starts fresh. Putting 14 years between the events in the books is therefore quite necessary – and works like a charm. Not only, because teenage!Friday is basically the epitome of teenagerdom and as such very entertaining.

Though I do find it regrettable that there’s no more time travel. Apart from the fact that I like time paradoxes, it feels a bit like retconning.

I love that we got to see Thursday and Landen interact. Fforde really manages to give you a sense of their relationship (and serious relationship-envy). They really are partners and you can feel their love, respect and history together in everything that they do.

And Thursday together with the other two Thursdays is completely hilarious. And I would really like to read the Great Samuel Pepys Fiasco. Even though it would probably actually suck. ;)

So, a great addition to and a worthy new start of the series.

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