The Night Flier (1997)

The Night Flier is Mark Pavia‘s adaptation of a Stephen King story, written by Mark Pavia and Jack O’Donnell and starring Miguel Ferrer and Julie Entwisle.

A killer is on the lose – flying from small airport to small airport and killing whoever is working there that night. Seasoned tabloid reporter Richard Dees (Miguel Ferrer) doesn’t think the story is extremely interesting but when new assistant Katherine (Julie Entwisle) convinces their boss that the story is worth pursuing, Richard gets put on the case. While he’s less than overjoyed at first, he soon discovers that there might be more to the “Night Flier” than just a psychotic killer.

The Night Flier neatly fits into the slew of most Stephen King adaptations: It’s fine, it has a nice B-Cast, it gets a bit cheesy, but in the end you see it with probably half of your attention, it entertains and then you forget it pretty much right away.

I have to admit that most of the film I was occupied with something else. It was just so formulaic, followed the usual Stephen King plotline to the letter and while that is very comforting and everything, it just wasn’t good enough to really hold my attention.

And the final showdown really suffered from the special effects that just didn’t age that well. Apart from the fact that I thought that the creature design was just a bit too much – a bit more restraint there would have gone a long way.

But Miguel Ferrer has a wonderful expressive face that is great to watch and he fits his role well. Julie Entwisle had a rather annoying character to play but she does it with charm.

Generally speaking, the movie works just fine. It just doesn’t work brilliantly.

Summarising: If you really like Stephen King movies. you can watch it. Otherwise you can skip it.

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