HR Giger – Dreams and Visions

HR Giger – Dreams and Visions was a H. R. Giger exhibition at the Vienna Kunst Haus.

The exhibition gave an overview over Giger’s art, be it his paintings, drawings or sculptures and of course his film work. It was rather short, which worked in my favor because I managed to wait until two hours before closing time on the last day to enter the exhibition and I wouldn’t have had more time anyway.

Giger’s work is fascinating – it’s intricate, it’s scary, at times it’s surprisingly tender and his relationship with women and the female body begs for a Freudian analysis (which probably wouldn’t work too much in his favor). His style is very distinct – one recognises Giger when one sees his work. I don’t like all of his pieces, some I think are pretty sexist, but he also has paintings and sculptures that have such a haunting beauty that it makes me a little sad.

In short, it was a fascinating exhibition, though I think the part I liked most were the people who were there. Already in the tram on the way you could pinpoint the people who would be standing next to you in the exhibition: dressed in black, long hair, piercings, tattoos – not the usual art crowd.

After the jump my favorite pieces, as usual.

The painting in the flyer above, I already like a lot: it’s Li, Giger’s first wive.

Here’s one of his Lord of the Rings illustrations:

And here’s Giger’s take on Böcklin’s Island of the Dead:

Here’s his brilliant sculpture Guardian Angel:

Though I also liked his Zodiac sculptures, especially Pisces:

[Those leg/arm combinations were a recurring theme, btw.]

And I don’t think I have to mention Alien:

Or Species:

PS: Here’s a very nice photo overview over the exibition itself.


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