Club Dead (Charlaine Harris)

Club Dead is the third book of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (Southern Vampire Mysteries) by Charlaine Harris. [Here’s my review of the first two books.]

Since Bill started working on a secret computer project for the (vampire) Queen of Louisiana, he and Sookie have become a little distant. And then Bill disappears and a werewolf tries to kill Sookie. She is saved by Bubba who was sent by Eric. Eric suspects that Bill is in Mississippi where he shacked up with his maker Lorena. Since Mississippi belongs to its King, Eric asks Sookie to go there to investigate. Despite Bill’s apparent betrayal in going back to Lorena, Sookie agrees. So Eric sends her the werewolf Alcide and together they go to Jackson and start trying to find out what’s going on.

Club Dead is probably the best book in the series so far, even if that doesn’t make it stellar. That book has some issues. But it helps that for the most part, there is no Bill, but a lot of Alcide.


I seriously don’t get Sookie’s obsession with Bill. There are at least three awesome guys around her in this book (Eric, Sam, Alcide) and she pines after Bill-Without-Sex-Appeal. Bill fucking rapes her and he is still not shunned from her freaking life? At least she tells him to fuck off after getting with Lorena and wanting to leave Sookie basically without a good-bye. It just makes me want to have Bill finally removed from the books alltogether. But apparently that’s not going to happen.

Which means that I have to contend myself with the other guys. While Eric is still absolutely my favorite – he can be quite an ass, but he listens to Sookie, he worries about her, lets her make her own decisions and generally is the only vampire that sees her as an actual competent equal – Alcide is pure awesome, too. And Bubba, but in a completely different way. [I can’t believe they didn’t include him in True Blood.]

What I liked is that Lorena herself barely featured and that Jason gets a bit more love. But I would have also enjoyed to get a bit more Russel and Talbot (though probably mostly because of True Blood, not because they were particularly great in the book).

I am still surprised by Sookie’s morals sometimes. Why is it such a big deal for her that Alcide pretends that they have slept together to get back at Debbie? Really, the only one who cares about that bit of untrue info is Debbie – but Alcide basically has to get on his knees to apologise to Sookie for saying it.

Summarsing: Despite the usual plotting issues and the not exactly perfect writing style, it has got its moments.

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