Dead to the World (Charlaine Harris)

Dead to the World is the fourth book of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (Southern Vampire Mysteries) by Charlaine Harris. [Here’s my review of the other books.]

On New Year’s Eve, Sookie stumbles upon Eric who is running in a panic close to her house. It is quickly obvious that Eric lost his memory. Pam, Eric’s second in command, explains that there is a new witch coven in town who tried to take over Eric’s business. When Eric refused to hand it over, they cursed him. Pam asks Sookie to take care of Eric while they figure it out, to which Sookie reluctantly agrees. But then Jason disappears and Alcide’s werewolf pack gets involved and things are much bigger than they first appeared.

As in all of these books, I couldn’t care less about the general plot of things – I’m really only reading for the relationship stuff. And since this book focusses on my favorite guy, I liked it a lot. In short: I loved the Eric-centerdness of this book. You can never have enough Eric.


Amnesiac!Eric is so much better in the book than on True Blood. There is nothing childish about him, no maternal instinct (that just doesn’t mix at all with sex) gets stirred – he is just less jaded. Though I still like Original!Eric better. Also better than in True Blood: The Norrises and Hot Shot is much less Hillbilly Galore.

Unfortunately, Alcide has to suffer the first steps of character assassination. The way Debbie is portrayed – as a complete asshole without any redeeming features whatsoever – makes it a complete mystery why Alcide would ever be with her and calls his own character in question. Especially since he’s not able to let go at all.

What I liked about it: Pam because Pam is awesome. There was so little Bill. Claudine who poses about a billion questions – and nobody really cares to ask them.

What I didn’t like about it: Tara feels forced into the story. Like she doesn’t really have a place but Harris really really wanted to include her. Also, poor Jason gets abducted and abused and would deserve some pity. But as soon as he is freed, it feels again like Harris just really, really doesn’t like him.

Also, Sookie is really deadly for the (ex)girlfriends of the guys she is interested in: She killed Lorena in the last book and in this one she shoots Debbie? Wow. At least Sookie notices that herself.

The plotting is still plain weak. The reveal with the were-panthers was incredibly obvious I thought. Though that might just be because of True Blood.

Summarising: Probably my favorite book so far.

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