From Dead to Worse (Charlaine Harris)

From Dead to Worse is the eighth book of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (Southern Vampire Mysteries) by Charlaine Harris. [Here’s my review of the other books.]

Sookie has returned home from the vampire convention where her life is quickly turned upside down when Eric facilitates a meeting between her and her great-grandfather Niall, a fairy prince. He explains her heritage and promises to help her whenever she needs it. Not only that, but Quinn has been missing since the convention and Sookie not only gets drawn further into the vampire politics but gets also involved in attacks on the Shreveport Weres.

I did not like this book which made it pretty easy to stop reading the series after this one (I needed a break anyway). Maybe I’ll pick the books up again after a little while, but for the moment I couldn’t care less.


The book seems so much longer than it actually is. Probably because there is zero connection between the different episodes. After seven books of struggle with plotting, Harris apparently gave up on the idea of an overarching plot altogether and only shows us scenes from Sookie’s life.

And the whole thing with the fairy grandfather is kind of weird. He is kind of weird. And I know that Jason is generally the asshole of these books and that he doesn’t have any special powers, but he is a fairy grandson as well – but nobody cares. Not even Sookie really cares about sharing their heritage with him. That is more than insulting.

Then this book completes what Harris has started a few books back and finally completely character assassinates Alcide.

If the book hadn’t had Eric and the combination of Pam and Amelia or Amelia in general, it wouldn’t have had any redeeming features whatsoever. But they were there, so there were at least parts I enjoyed. And I’d love to have Amelia in True Blood.

The Break-Up with Quinn was very harsh. I mean, I was never the biggest fan of him but breaking up with him basically because he has an insane mother and a sister who depends on him so Sookie can’t be his number one – it’s a hard reason. I do understand it up to a point, but it’s still very cruel.

Summarising: meh.

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