Kiss of Snow (Nalini Singh)

Kiss of Snow is the tenth Psy-Changeling novel by Nalini Singh. [Here are my reviews of the other ones.] It’s Hawke’s and Sienna’s book (though it also tells Walker’s and Lara’s story).

Ever since the Laurens joined the SnowDancer pack, Sienna Lauren and alpha Hawke have had a special kind of explosive relationship. Now Sienna has come of age and Hawke can’t deny their chemistry together anymore. While they try to figure out the new terms of their relationship, SnowDancer gets continuously attacked by the Psy council, or at least a few renegade parts of it.

Kiss of Snow takes a bit to get started – about 200 pages or so. But once it moves away from Sienna and Hawke angsting around and gets into the conflict with the Psy council, I enjoyed it a lot.

In the Singh fan-circles, people have been waiting very long for Hawke’s book and there was quite a buzz about it. That is also why the book was first released in hardcover and I had to wait for the paperback to come out, because, really, no. But Hawke was never one of my favorite characters and the story with Sienna, with whom he has this sexual tension basically since she hit puberty, always skirts along the edges of icky territory. So I’m not surprised that this book isn’t one of my favorites.

But for all that, once Singh gets a grip on the book and her main plot and leaves the angsting a bit behind, it’s pretty smooth sailing. I’m really invested into the world she created and I wanna know who the Ghost is (I have my theories) and what happens further and I love revisiting the other couples (especially Luke and Sasha).

I would have loved to get more Walker and Lara, though. Because between Walker and Hawke? Walker is definitely the sexier one, imo. But I’m glad that I got at least a little something to cover the romance side apart from Sienna/Hawke.

Summarising: though I generally feel a little fatigue when it comes to the romance side of these books, the world building is still strong and interesting enough to keep me going enthusiastically.

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