The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (N. K. Jemisin)

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms is the first book in The Inheritance Trilogy by N. K. Jemisin.

Yeine Darr’s mother just died under suspicious circumstances when she gets summoned by her grandfather Dekarta to the capital Sky. Dekarta is the head of the Arameri family and the de facto ruler of the world. But Dekarta is also dying and needs his successor to be chosen – and Yeine and her two cousins are the candidates. So Yeine, who grew up in the furthest province, gets thrown into a world that is completely alien to her, only to discover that she’s fighting for her life. And that are just the problems she has before she meets the four gods who have been forced into mortal bodies as punishment and now live in Sky.

Deadra has been gushing about this entire series for a while, so I expected a whole lot – and maybe a little too much. It was not that this book is bad, not at all. But it just didn’t capture me as much as it might have.

I don’t really know why I didn’t connect that strongly with this book. It is excellently written and has absolutely fantastic, creative world-building. I really enjoyed reading about the gods, their relationships, war and history with each other.
Though the Darre culture and its female warriors felt very didactic, like Jemisin was trying very hard to show her feminist politics. Not that I didn’t appreciate the feminism, but it got a tad preachy I thought.

But I think  my major problem was that the supporting characters were so much more interesting and connectable than Yeine herself, especially Sieh, T’vil and Nahadoth. [Though I didn’t get Nahadoth’s attraction. But then, I’m not the one for the brooding, tortured types.]

But I definitely want to continue reading the series (I already ordered book two and three ;). But more than wanting to find out what happens further with Yeine, I wann know how this world is going to develop.

Summarising: good reading.

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