Magritte is a current exhibition of René Magritte‘s work in the Albertina, focusing mostly on his early career and lesser known aspects of his work.

I really enjoyed the exhibition. I do like Magritte’s better known things as well, but it was interesting to get a look at what else he did and where he started from. And it was exactly the right length – just when I thought that I would hit brain overload pretty soon, we had reached the last room. Now that’s what I call timing.

Throughout the exhibition we also got quotes from Magritte which gave you ideas of his thought processes.

This is how we see the world. We see it outside ourselves and yet we have an image of it inside ourselves.

Or sometimes just wonderful phrases like “topicality of the present”:

I hate my past and that of others. I had resignation,  professional heroism, and all obligatory suavities. I hate the decorative arts, folklore, and advertising. I hate the odour of naphthalene and the topicality of the present. I like subtle humour, freckles, long hair on women, the laughter of children, a girl running in the street. I wish for myself true love and the impossible. I long for phantasms.

An excellent exhibition.

Find my favorite pieces to get a small walk-through of the exhibition. You can also go see it for another 6 days at the Albertina.

[The Secret Player]

[The Difficult Crossing]

[The Lovers]

[Storm’s Ornament]

[The Age of Fire]

[The Empty Mask]

[Portrait of Paul Max]

[The Return of the Flame]

[The Lost Jockey]

[The Philosopher’s Lamp]

[The Human Condition]

[The Key to the Fields]

[The Red Model]

[The Future of Statues]

[The Eye]

[The Sentimental Meeting]

[The Explanation]

[Pure Reason]

[Night Sky with Bird]

[The Dream]

[The Uncertainty Principle]

[September 16]

[The Voice of Blood]

[The Mysterious Barricades]

[The Art of Conversation]

[Memory of a Voyage]

[The Castle in the Pyrenees]


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